Transparent Chair by Nendo

This Transparent Chair by Nendo is made with highly elastic polyurethane film that is commonly used as a packing material for products sensitive to vibrations. Thanks to the film’s ability to return to its original form, the chair conforms to the body’s shape and “wraps and supports the body like a hammock, providing a light, floating feeling for the sitter.”

Photos by Masayuki Hayashi

Happy Easter! – Tato Egg Seat by Denis Santachiara

Tato is a pouf or a footrest in an elliptical shape of an egg designed by Denis Santachiara back in 1995.

Since then the Tato collection grew to include other objects created in collaboration with Enrico Baleri: a spherical shaped Tatino, round shaped Tatone for two or more seaters, curved shaped Tato Bean and Tato Bonbon also for two or more seaters and a lens shaped Lunella.

Each object of the collection is made of flexible and ecological CFC-free polyurethane with internal anatomical rigid structure and plastic base.  The removable cover is available in three different types of bi-elastic fabric, each one in a variety of colors.

1st photo via, 2d – courtesy of

Oru by Ramón Esteve for Joquer

Oru by Ramón Esteve for Joquer

Another seating furniture piece inspired by the art of paper folding, origami. Made with stress-resistant polyurethane and filled with several densities of foam, Oru is a swiveling armchair by Barcelona based Ramón Esteve for Spanish furniture manufacturer Joquer. Available in several bright juicy colors.