Top Posts October 2012

1) 407 views: Sofa for 2 by Kho Liang Ie:


2) 405 views: Mediation Chair by Peter Sas:

Mediation Chair by Peter Sas

3) 395 views: Blue 570 Chairs by Pierre Paulin for Artifort:

4) 376 views: Clover Chair by Ron Arad – 2012 IMM Cologne (20):

clover chair by Ron Arad Close up

5) 359 views: Top Posts Half September – Half October 2012:


6) 352 views: Yellow Settee by Dominique Prevot:

Yellow Settee by Dominique Prevot

The best of Chair Blog October, 2012

Still based on our Feedburner stats. At least their stats are still working.

Less posts as, with others, I’ve started a new Dutch blog about the city I live in: The Hague. The startup took a lot of my precious time. Less posts also because I’m revamping the lay out of the site with a new version of the Thesis theme for WordPress.[Update: Done by the end of the day, with some minor issues to address].

Google Analytics shows the following for October:
Visits: 44.787 vs 45.420 (-1,39%) in the corresponding prior period.
Pageviews: 103.929 vs 106.095 (-2,04%).

Glad we’re still over 100,000 pageviews.

And some Miscellaneous stats:

Stay tuned!

One thought on “Top Posts October 2012”

  1. Seems all of us are a bit busy with start ups and projects, which can be a good thing depending on how you look at it! But I do like the stats still! And wish I could read your new blog, but it’s in Dutch, ah ha

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