Segment: Modular Communication Solution by Noam Fass

First there was a TweetingSeat, now there is another attempt at creating a seating system that keeps you connected. Segment is a modular communication solution in which seats can be connected to one another to create different combinations depending on your needs, and each segment of the seating system has a USB port to keep you connected at all times.

Segment has three main modes (and can even become a sofa):

  1. Chaise mode, which allows for full interaction with laptop/tablet/smartphone;
  2. Seat mode – interaction with another person with laptop/tablet/smartphone;
  3. Social mode – interaction between up to four people.


Fracture by Itay Ohaly

Fracture Bench by Itay Ohaly

Fracture modular Bench – Chair by Itay Ohaly

Fracture is a part of life and nature.

Fractures have different forms that derive from the material structure and the type and strength of energy that is activated upon it.
This project is an exploration of the material characteristics, in fracture. It presents the wild and unique aesthetics of each material and its interaction with intense energy.
Designer: Itay Ohaly (Israel)

Via Designspotter

Songologo Couch by Haldane Martin


Haldane Martin is a South African furniture design company based in Cape Town. It was founded in 2002 by Haldane Martin. They design and produce all their pieces in South Africa. The company also works with architects to design interiors for offices, hotels and restaurants. In addition to the aesthetics, their furniture also pays close attention to its sustainability, using green materials
and processes whenever possible. Their approach to furniture involves a series of small collections.

Via Design Boom – Haldane Martin

Yang Sofa : Modular Sofa Sectional Seating by Lignet Roset

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