Spook by Iskos-Berlin for Blå Station

The Spook armchair by Iskos-Berlin for Blå Station is made exclusively out of heat-formed fibre felt and comes in anthracite, burgundy or navy blue color.

The inspiration for this design comes from the ghostly silhouettes that are created whenever chairs are covered with a sheet, and this idea is applied to the production of Spook. The mono-block is made in one single process by thermo pressing the polymer fibre: a preheated flat felt mat, draping the three-dimensional shape, creates natural folds that stiffen after being cooled down. This way, every Spook armchair is unique – no two products are identical.

Measurements (mm):

  • Seat height 360
  • Overall height 610
  • Seat width 420
  • Overall width 1020
  • Seat depth 450
  • Overall depth 935
  • Weight, kg 9,4
  • Cbm 1,2

The design team Iskos-Berlin was founded in 2010 in Copenhagen by the two established designers Aleksej Iskos, born in 1965 in Kharkiv, and Boris Berlin, born in 1953 in St. Petersburg.

Capo by Doshi Levien for Cappellini – Milan 2011 (18)

One more design for the Milan Design Week 2011 is the first collaboration between London based studio Doshi Levien and Italian design brand Cappellini.The shape of the chair called Capo came from the image of a dapper gentleman in a well-cut suit and a felted hat.

With its tabular base, tall back, upturned lapel and cantilevered flexible arms the Capo armchair might remind you of another design week product – Pod Chair by Benjamin Hubert we posted about earlier. Just like Pod is said to be a private chair, Capo is said to provide shelter and “envelope” the sitter, “trasforming them into a boss”. Notice how both chairs come in felt, what seems to be a hot trend with seating furniture right now!

Image via dezeen.com

Pod Chair by Benjamin Hubert for De Vorm – Milan 2011 (14)

Pod Chair by Benjamin Hubert for De Vorm - Milan 2011 (14)

Pod Chair by Benjamin Hubert for De Vorm – Milan 2011 (14)

British designer Benjamin Hubert talks about his new Pod Chair, a pressed-felt privacy chair created for Dutch brand De Vorm, filmed at Ventura Lambrate in Milan.

Via newlylaunched dezeenscreen.com

The Coiling Collection by Raw Edges

The Coiling Collection by Raw Edges

The Coiling Collection by Raw Edges

Raw Edges, a collaboration between Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay is currently presenting their Coiling furniture collection at the Fat Galerie in Paris. They made each piece of furniture by coiling strips of felt around wood structures and coating one side with silicon which soaks into the fibers to create rigid forms.

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via Blue Ant Studio

FF1 Chair by Fox and Freeze

FF1 Chair by Fox & Freeze in white and grey

FF1 Chair by Fox & Freeze in white

FF1 Chair is a surprisingly strong and sturdy felt chair created with simply 1 square sheet of synthetic felt and flax ropes. The unique shape and structure gives it strength without any wood or metal. Also put in mind, almost no material was wasted(except the drilled holes) in the form of this chair. I really think that Fox & Freeze did a marvelous job designing this piece. FF1 is available in white and grey through Fox & Freeze’s. Also, check out the sturdiness of it through a strength test video on Youtube.

Fox & Freeze is a collaboration between Belgian designers James van Vossel (a vos is Dutch for Fox) and Tom de Vrieze (freeze is an English translation of vriezen). Not every reader will be aware that Belgium is a two language country: Dutch in the more northern and western parts and French in the more eastern and southern parts that are closer to France.