Best of Chair Blog Half December 2012 – Half January 2013

1) 359 views: Exercise Chair by Yuan Yuan:

Exercise Chair by Yuan Yuan

2) 347 views: R18 Carbon Chair by Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram:


3) 312 views: Thomas Schnur – White Benchchair:


4) 310 views: FildeFer by Alessandra Baldereschi:

FildeFer by Alessandra Baldereschi

295 views:Sable Horn Chairs by Arthur Court:

Sable Horn Chairs by Arthur Court

Best of Chair Blog Half December 2012 – Half January 2013

Based on our Feedburner stats.

Noteworthy: I’ve left out 2 from these top 5: Best of Chair Blog Half November – Half December 2012, also with 359 views and Top Posts December 2012 with 306 views. The reason is I want to concentrate on new posts in the period rather that a look back to a prior period.

Hurray! Google Analytics shows some recovery when compared with the period Half November – Half December 2012:

Visits: 20,131 vs 17,418 (+15.58%)
Pageviews: 45,416 vs 43,012 (+3.86%)

I wrote a post about my suspicion that Cloudflare has to do with the decrease on another blog that I started to concentrate all my under the hood activities: Does Cloudflare Take Away Your Traffic?. Cloudflare denies it, but I’m not sure they are right…Especially after I had turned off Cloudflare on January 1, 2013 traffic from Google Image searches started to come back.

And some Miscellaneous stats:

Compared with Best of Chair Blog Half November – Half December 2012

Post Alia

Philosophically off course the question remains whether newcomers on the basis of a Google image search who leave the site again after a quick click are more important than our slowly but gradually growing basis of approximately now 3,000 fans who follow us regularly….My answer is: I care for both groups, because I want to share my chair hobby with as many people as possible.

Stay tuned!

Best of Chair Blog in 2012

Our 2012 Top Posts:

1) Vuzzle Chair by Christopher Daniel was our 2012 top hit with 4,956 pageviews:

Posted in February, it rocketed directly in our all time top 10 posts (see the sidebar)

Vuzzle Chair by Christopher Daniel White Interior

2) Priceless Chair became a good second with 4,732 views:

Posted in July it attracted a lot of traffic from FaceBook.


3) Round Chair – Bookcase Combination became third with 2,966 views:

Also posted in July and also attracting a lot of Facebook attention.

Round Chair - Bookcase combination

4) Real Egg Chairs became fourth with 1,895 views:

It was published in August and attracted a lot of Pinterest attention.


5) Bommel by MYK: Pom Pom Poufs & a Chair a fifth with 1,637 page views:

Published in May by Julia and attracting attention both from FaceBook (16) and Pinterest (169).

Bommel by MYK

The Best of 2012

This is the second year overview after Best of Chair Blog in 2011.

It is based on Google Analytics which we have in place as of January 15, 2012, after we discontinued Woopra early 20012. Only two weeks missing.

According to Google we had 1,128,036 pageviews in 2012 vs 1,227,821 in 2011, despite the heavy decline in November and December.

The golden oldies are basically the same as in 2011, except for the Vuzzle chair.

There is no 2011 post elevated as a Golden Oldy in 2012. My assumption of last year that posts have to “ripen”, was incorrect.

This is the first full year we have been hosted in London by Dediserve and I’m really glad we moved over from our prior provider as we have had comparatively few issues with Dediserve.

Very curious whether we will be able to turn the downward curve up again in 2013.

Top Posts December 2012

1) 376 views: Blocks Chair by Erik Stehmann:

Blocks Chair by Erik Stehmann

2) 362 views: Gazelle Chair Design Sketch:


3) 357 views: 3D model of Chair 4801 by Joe Colombo:

3 D model of Chair 4801 by Joe Colombo

4) 352 views: 6 Lutrario Chairs by Carlo Mollino:

6 Lutrario Chairs  by Carlo Mollino

5) 348 views: Bookworm by Atelier 010:

Bookworm by Atelier 010

5) 348 views: Where is the porter? Chair:


The best of Chair Blog for December, 2012

Our Feedburner based best 5 (6) posts.

The dramatic decrease in traffic continues for December 2012 when compared with November 2012:

According to Google Analytics:
Visits: 14,462 vs 29,709 (-51.32%)
Pageviews: 36,450 vs 69,746 (-47.74%)

Probably a hard hit by a change in Google algorithm. I’ll test some changes in our hosting settings the coming month of January 2013. I’ve disabled Photon and Cloudflare for the coming time. It may be that the site becomes much slower, but I’ve a feeling the photo’s we share here aren’t attributed correctly to us anymore by Google….

And some Miscellaneous stats:

Stay tuned!

Best of Chair Blog Half November – Half December 2012

1) 391 views: Stackable Chair by Jonah Willcox-Healy:


2) 379 views: Wingback Redesigned by David Rasmussen:


3) 360 views: Folding by Youri Jedlinski:

Folding by Youri Jedlinski

4) 357 views: Moonlander Chair by Carl Hagerling:

moonlander chair by Carl Hagerling

5) 357 views: Egg Armchair by Andrey Dokuchaev:


The best of Chair Blog Half November – Half December, 2012

Busy off line, therefor a day late, but here our Feedburner based best 5 posts.

Google Analytics shows dramatic decrease in traffic for the period Half November – Half December 2012:

Visits: 16,811 vs 42,319 (-60.28%)
Pageviews: 43,012 vs 97,556 (-55.91%)

I really don’t know what we did wrong to Google that we have been hit this hard after our all times high of November 8, 2012 with almost 8,000 page views on one day. We will see.

And some Miscellaneous stats:

Stay tuned!

Top Posts November 2012

1) 600 views: Hang-On Bauhaus Special Chair by Rogier van Camelbecke:


2) 399 views: Artful Dodger by Sam LOmingshum:


3) 370 views: Blind Clinker by Rob Brobbel:

Blind Clinker by Rob Brobbel

4) 348 views: ECAL: Rocking Chair That Knits You a Hat While You’re Rocking:

5) 317 views: Wingback Redesigned by David Rasmussen:


The best of Chair Blog November, 2012

Still based on our Feedburner stats.

For the first time in many months I’ve not posted the Half October- Half November top posts as I was still busy with our new Dutch blog about the city I live in: The Hague which also in the first half of November took a lot of my time. Its pace has been set now and less of my time is required. So I can pick up posting here again.

In return I’ve smuggled a bit, because I’ve counted one October post, number 1, as a November post.

So less posts than would be normal. Less posts also because I’ve still not finished the revamping the lay out of the site with a new version of the Thesis theme for WordPress. I’m still going backward an forward: When you see blue links, we’re back at Thesis version 1.8.5. When you see red links we’re on Thesis theme 2.0.2.

Google Analytics shows the following for November:
Visits: 30,926 vs 44.787 (-32.0%) in the corresponding prior period.
Pageviews: 71,735 vs 103.929 (-31,0%).

I don’t know what happened: All of a sudden, after a peak of almost 8,000 pageviews on November 8, manly due to our Sam Tailor Wood post which now ranks second in our all time favorite posts, Google started to send less and less people to us after November 14, 2012. Daily pageviews dwindled from 2,500 to over 3,000 to roughly around 1,000 thereafter. Again a new algorithm by Google? I wouldn’t know.

And some Miscellaneous stats:

Stay tuned!