Popular Posts of March 2011

Over 56k visitors and over 126k page views, a new record. Over 100 new posts.

We – you readers, thank you – and contributors, thank you Julia and Polley – have done our best. Hope we continue in April to do so or better. Happy April Fool’s day! Anybody a good prank for today?

For a change I Use Feedburner stats, because it catches new posts better and give 5 popular March 2011 posts in images:
1) The Laundry Chair by Jess Corteen
2) The Birth of the .03 Chair by Maarten van Severen
Maarten van Severen
3) The Skull Chair by Pool at Milan 2011
Skull Chair by Pool
4) Hinges for a Hans Wegner Valet Chair, Anybody?
Hans Wegner Valet Chair Hinges
5) The Coffeecup Chair by He Was Born

Popular on Chair Blog in February 2011

So sorry. Again pressed the publish button too early erroneously…

Like Popular in January 2011, I like to brag about Chair Blog’s successes in February 2011. Despite two major outages on February 26 and February 28, 2011, we succeeded to attract over 100,000 page views with over 43,000 visitors in February, 2011.

Most attractive were the following 10 posts:

  1. Bram Stoker’s Chair series by Sam Taylor-Wood of August 2008 (2143 views).
  2. Luxury Airplane seats of February 2008 (968 Views).
  3. Thonet no 18 of April 2007 (425 Views)
  4. Cave Book Case Seating by Sakura Adachi of February 2008 (424 views).
  5. Sensory Deprivation Skull Chair by Atelier van Lieshout of March 2008 (421 views).
  6. Rietveld by Cassina, by Rietveld and by Jenner of May 2007 (399 views).
  7. Philippe Starck Toy Chair 1999 of June, 2007 ( 240 Views)
  8. Ready To Wear Chair High Heels? of October, 2009 (231 Views).
  9. Marc Newson Embryo Chair for sale at Christie’s of September, 2007 (231 views).
  10. Reading Chair by Remi van Oers of February 2011 (190 views) which is the best newcomber post of February 2011….

Popular in January 2011

Lost in Chair by Daisuko Motogi
The post Lost in Sofa by Daisuko Motogi was the most popular newcomer.

41,180 visitors and 91,200 pageviews in January is a new record for Chair Blog. Thank you all for your enthusiasm.

Golden Oldies that got much attention were: Bram Stoker’s Chair series by Sam Taylor-Wood and One Shot .Mgx Stool

Most cited by Cribcandy. How many times in January do you count?

3 Years of Blogging about Chairs

Cut Out Chair
Exactly 3 years ago I started this blog with a Cut Out Chair.

I posted about two more famous chairs the same day:

Thonet Chair no 18
Thonet No 18 Chair, still a classic and

Thonet No 14

Thonet No 14 Chair, a million seller.

3 Years of Blogging about Chairs

I’d not believed I could bring you so much stuff about (designers of) seating furniture on beforehand. But I did. Thank you all readers and commenters and e-mailers and linkers to Chair Blog! A special thank you to new contributor Polley. You all keep me inspired. Hope to see you the next three years!

I’ve taken the opportunity to decrease the number of posts featured on the front page to 5 In order to speed up loading time.